Sunday sampler


High Point: I can’t recommend this paper because the story is behind a paywall, but I’m struck that it appears to take a haunted house story seriously. But there are several good stories from today’s front pages.

Greensboro: Nancy McLaughlin of the News & Record tells the compelling story of a man with cancer who undertook a risky — phenomenal, really — surgery for survival. I and many in Greensboro happen to know the man — Bob Cone — but this is the first I knew of his operation. A compelling read.

Raleigh: A key question in the gubernatorial race involves education. Have the state’s schools improved under his watch? How about teacher pay? The N&O and the Charlotte Observer take a shot at answering those questions and more. As you might expect, it’s complicated.

Fayetteville: If you’re interested in an analysis of N.C. voting patterns, the Observer’s story might help you. It takes a while to get started, though. Most interesting yet  least surprising conclusion: “One point Wrenn and Pearce do agree on is that race has played the biggest role in shaping North Carolina’s political landscape. ‘Race is the most important thing in North Carolina politics. Always has been, probably always will be,’ Pearce said.”

Asheville: The Citizen-Times examines poverty in its area. In a capsule, nearly 17% of the city population lived in poverty in 2015, 32% more than a year earlier. Beyond that, the anecdotes are tough. “In a city where a developer has plans for studio apartments renting for more than $800 a month across the street from a homeless shelter, Asheville’s poor are increasingly being hidden in plain sight.”

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