Sunday sampler

Charlotte: The Observer tells the story of Rae Carruth’s son, Chancellor Lee Adams, who has cerebral palsy and brain damage as a result of his mother’s murder when he was still in her womb. Carruth, a player for the Charlotte Panthers, was convicted of hiring a hitman to kill her. He is scheduled to be released from prison in two years. It’s a moving story of pain, heartbreak and forgiveness…and absolutely nothing from Carruth. Read it.

Greensboro: Gov. Pat McCrory is proud of his so-called Carolina Comeback. The News & Record takes a look at whether he should be. It’s a mixed bag.

Raleigh: Seventeen dams failed – burst is the word the N&O uses today – in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. It’s one reason that so many roads were washed out. The N&O examines the condition and maintenance of the 3,200-plus dams around the state. There is no big reveal or terrible malfeasance uncovered, but the story is interesting nonetheless. Like our bridges, some dams are in trouble.

Raleigh: The N&O also has a fascinating piece about how well-off North Carolinians are and aren’t. You’re reading this because you have internet access; 20 percent of the state’s residents don’t. Meanwhile, our air quality is better than it was, and violent crime is down. But drug abuse is up. A quick and easy read in which you can learn about your state.