Sunday sampler

A lot of Hurricane Matthew mop-up, which makes sense given the amount of devastation it’s done in Eastern North Carolina. Also a lot of election coverage, which also makes sense. (Thank god that we get a new story in three weeks.)

Charlotte: The Observer has an incredible series on the discrimination, bigotry and worse that LGBTQ people face in North Carolina. (The paper put it online late last week, but it’s on the front page this morning.) Titled “Permission to Hate,” it ties the instances of hate crimes directly to HB2. “Public records and interviews across the state suggest that targeting of LGBTQ residents is so commonplace that many take it for granted as a sad – and sometimes dangerous – fact of their lives.” Its power is in its reporting; it’s filled with examples from dozens of counties around the state.

Raleigh: How is N.C. doing protecting the health of its most vulnerable citizens? The News & Observer answers that question in typical strong N&O fashion: with data, anecdotes and justifications from politicians. (Answer: “Finally, North Carolina’s percentage of people without health coverage, once better than the U.S. average, is now more than two points worse. That statistic is related to the state’s decision not to expand Medicaid. States that chose to expand saw a 42 percent drop in their uninsured rates from 2013 to 2015. In North Carolina, the drop was 28 percent. About 13 percent of non-elderly adults in the state remain uninsured, compared with 10 percent nationwide.”

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