Sunday sampler

Image courtesy of the Newseum.

Image courtesy of the Newseum.

Lots of Carolina Panthers stories on the front pages today. Here’s a sampling from Wilmington about a couple going to the game; Winston-Salem about WFU research that was used by a Super Bowl advertiser; Greensboro with a column on how the Panthers got here; Raleigh with a story on Bobby Bell who used to play football; Fayetteville with a profile on Jerry Richardson; and, of course, Charlotte, which is all Panthers all the time.

But, as I often say, there are other good stories on N.C. newspaper front pages.

Charlotte: The Observer has a good piece on how Charlotteans like to open their wallets for visiting presidential candidates. “For Democrats and Republicans running for president, the Queen City has become an ATM. Instead of speaking at rallies and appearing in TV ads, like they are in South Carolina, the candidates coming to Charlotte headline fundraisers that are closed to the public and the press.”

Gaston: The Gazette performs a real public service by showing how much money Rep. Patrick McHenry has raised and, more important, where it’s come from. Fortunately, there are a lot of facts. Unfortunately, there is no commentary to put the facts into any context.

Raleigh: The News & Observer provides a fascinating look at how lawyers and the State Bar operates — or at least, operated — in one case. It’s too complicated for me to describe well here. Go read it.