Sunday sampler

Where we are on front page stories.

4 stories on the front — Durham

3 stories — Greensboro, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Lenoir, Monroe,¬†Raleigh (one wire); Fayetteville (one wire); Wilmington (two wire).

2 stories — Asheville, High Point, Hickory, Gaston

1 story — Shelby

Charlotte— As the nation deals with the influx of children from south of the border, the Observer writes of a 9-year-old from Honduras. The story puts a human face on the numbers. ¬†“She arrived in Charlotte last month to be reunited with her mother, after a trek from Honduras that had her hiking for days, forging rivers and clinging to the tops of freight trains. She was accompanied by her grandmother, a woman in her 50s who is being held in a Texas detention facility.”

Raleigh — Two stories in the News & Observer. One about environmental tests of water in streams near the 8-acre cleanup site where Ward Transformer dumped toxic PCPs years ago. As the story says, don’t eat the fish. The second is about sexual abuse in the 1970s at Carolina Friends school in Durham. The N&O’s story is an excellent write-through of the revelations that came out last month.

Greensboro — Jim Melvin, former mayor, former head of a local S&L and now head of a charitable foundation that invests in Greensboro, is known as Mr. Greensboro even as he hasn’t held public office in 30+ years. He is disliked by many for politics long in the past. I’ve always liked him for his passion and directness. N&R columnist Jeri Rowe shows a side of Melvin rarely seen — talking about his father’s murder.