Sunday sampler

With all the “go vote!” election stories on the front pages today, what are we to take from the probability that a good day will see a turnout in the teens?

Raleigh — The N&O has a different sort of advance election story that punctures the myth of the rise of the Tea Party in this state. Essentially, the primary to choose a GOP challenger to Sen. Kay Hagan proves it: The Tea Party candidates are fading from view, and unless there’s a big surprise Tuesday night, the Republican “insider,” Thom Tillis will be the nominee.

Charlotte— The Observer writes the story that many newspapers have written: Low pay and disrespect in Raleigh are chasing good teachers out of North Carolina or out of teaching.  It’s embarrassing and no amount of whining that “we need fewer administrators” and “we don’t have the money” can cover it up. North Carolina’s dismal numbers have become a drumbeat in education circles: 46th nationally in average teacher pay. Dead last in pay trends over the past decade. Turnover on the rise – at a 10-year high in CMS.

Greensboro — The News & Record keeps the attention of its readers on the Duke coal ash spill in the Dan River with a piece about where the toxic waste is and is going. It’s not good. The rest of the huge spill apparently remains either suspended in the water as it migrates downstream or has settled into the river bed and surrounding areas in smaller concentrations.

Gaston — The Gazette tells the story of a civil rights protest on the campus of Belmont Abbey 45 years ago. It’s a fascinating story of seven black students who took a stand and made a difference.

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  1. John, I really appreciate this roundup, even if I miss seeing it more often than not. You (and the state’s papers) give some hope that good journalism shall not vanish from the earth–not even the red clay earth.

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