Sunday sampler

Some examples of outstanding journalism from the state’s newspapers.

Raleigh — I’d be surprised if Thom Tillis isn’t the GOP nominee to face Sen. Kay Hagan in November. Still, the N&O does a fine job telling readers the differences among the leading candidates for the nomination.

Asheville — The Citizen-Times continues its coverage of guns in restaurants, and the struggle some restaurant owners have with bullying by the gun lobby. Its latest effort, the “GRNC Safe Restaurant Project,” works to point the finger at restaurants that don’t allow weapons on-site by encouraging supporters to avoid those establishments — more than 130 statewide — and spread the word via social media.

Fayetteville — The Observer travels to Georgia as part of its package on juvenile crime and juvenile punishment. The story is mostly about one judge’s efforts to get to the core of juvenile misbehavior. Still, it is an important example of how the Observer is trying to lead its community to solutions. I wouldn’t call it advocacy, but I would call it leadership.