Sunday sampler

Among stories about Easter, elections and the Boston Marathon, it is tough for unique enterprise to make its way to the front pages today. Some did.

Charlotte — The state’s regulation of coal ash is so lax, it doesn’t know exactly where Duke Energy may have used the toxic substance as fill. But, as the Observer reports, it’s out there, even if you don’t know it. Nice.

Greensboro — The News & Record, getting out in front of early voting, looks at the politics of the Senate race.

Wilmington — Given the apparent lax care at homes for the elderly, every news organization in the state should do a little investigating. The Star-News cites the most recent case to make headlines. “Fines are often piled upon adult care homes for a variety of infractions that put residents at risk of injury or even death, but shutting down an adult care home in North Carolina takes a herculean effort, say those who monitor the assisted living facilities for older adults and people with disabilities.”


One thought on “Sunday sampler

  1. I helped cover the shutdown of one repeat offender on Old Battleground Road late in my tenure at the N&R. It does happen. Probably not as often as it should, however.

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