Sunday sampler

Today’s front pages were filled with stories looking back and forward. Many of those looks are good, but I’m not featuring them here.

Charlotte — You know those balls that Panthers’ QB Cam Newton hands to kids after a touchdown? There’s a wonderful story behind it, and the Observer tells it well. Newton loves kids and it shows.

Burlington — You know you don’t have to consent to a search by police if they don’t have a warrant. Seems like something they should teach in high school civics. Oh, yeah, they don’t teach civics any longer. Well, you don’t. And the Times News does a public service telling its readers that.

Greensboro— Last year, the city discovered that its housing inspectors weren’t doing their jobs. It was a stunning admission that inspectors lost track of cases, property owners never repaired their bad houses and were never fined. Things as getting better now, as the News & Record reports.

2 thoughts on “Sunday sampler

  1. The Burlington article appeared interesting. They broke it into 7 parts. I read 5 when I was told that I had read my “month’s allotment” of “5 articles.” I hadn’t even read ONE full article! Cheesy. So I clicked the “x.” Disappointing. (I could have used a tool to display the entire article but didn’t because it really is a single article.) Was there a surprise ending?

    • I understand your frustration. I will mention this again to our online content staff. Hopefully we can get this problem cleared up. My apologies.

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