Sunday sampler

A good day to read the front pages of newspapers across North Carolina.

Fayetteville: 55,738 hungry in Cumberland County. That’s more than the number of students enrolled in Cumberland County schools. It should shame Washington and Raleigh, particularly now that Congress can’t seem to get it together to extend the Farm Bill or extend unemployment benefits. Fine, timely journalism.

Durham: You know that the county Sheriff’s Department enforces the sex offender registry and how that works? I didn’t, but now I do. And in Durham County, that means the department checks on 380 people, where they live and how far from churches and schools they are. And they do it more than twice a year. Impressive.

Charlotte: The Observer has done an exceptional job tracking the deaths of three people in a Boone motel of carbon monoxide poisoning to, among other things, incompetence in the state medical examiner’s office. One of the best writer’s in the state – Liz Leland – tells a compelling story in all its tragic detail.

Greensboro: The News & Record has a good story about how the city has spent, spent, spent on business incentives. “But what’s decidedly different about 2013 than in years past is that the spending per job has gone way up. The council agreed to spend about $29,000 per new job this year — the most expensive year in a decade. It’s nearly four times as much as the council spent per job last year.”