Sunday sampler

Between stories about the impending ice storm and Christmas parades, there isn’t that much from the front pages today.

Charlotte — The Observer publishes a wonderful “small” story on the human side of Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert that is well-worth the five minutes it’ll take to read it. Were it a video it would be featured on

The paper also has a piece about the shooting of the rare red wolves. “Five wolves have been shot since mid-October, and the last trace of a sixth – a cut-off radio collar – suggests foul play. All six were of breeding age, and one wolf had pups earlier this year.” Our state’s wildlife commission could help stop this practice, but doesn’t seem to want to. Wildlife, indeed.

Wilmington — The Star-News looks to have two interesting stories: one on the shenanigans of a county commissioner and the other on five bodies found in 1979 that still haven’t been identified. Unfortunately, the paper limits visitors to five stories a month, and I’ve hit my limit so I can’t say if they’re any good.

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