“Are you people so damned tight….?”

Several years ago, while I was editor of the News & Record, we made the paper narrower in order to save newsprint. It sounds like a simple task, slice an inch off of each side and move on. It isn’t. The entire paper needs to be redesigned. Papers have less space to publish the same stuff. It often feels like loading 10 pounds of potatoes into a seven-pound sack.

The biggest problem are the listings in agate type — stocks, legal ads and sports box scores. Some newspaper readers didn’t like it. This gentleman called to let us know. Be warned, it has some off-color language.)

Voicemail from a dissatisfied sports reader

(This has kicked around the newsroom for a while. I had forgotten about it, until it was emailed to me, making its rounds once again. The paper still publishes box scores.)

Update: Thanks to editor Nathan Stack for recording this off of the voicemail.

9 thoughts on ““Are you people so damned tight….?”

  1. Classic stuff. I was working that night on the sports copy desk, and the redesigned baseball page was a nightmare. It was the first full day of the Major League Baseball season. None of the baseball box scores worked, and the baseball roundup ran in 8-point type instead of 10-point type. Still not sure why this day was picked to try something brand new …

  2. I was thinking it was Brad who actually got the voicemail, wasn’t it? I have it permanently stored in my iTunes; have had for years now.

  3. I truly wish we knew who this man was so we could thank him properly for the years and years of laughter and joy he’s given us.

  4. I am so glad I brought my voice recorder to work one day specifically to record this from Brad’s voicemail; it needed to be archived. Endless joy for us all. And I agree with Holly — I truly would love to thank that guy for all the laughs he’s given us.

  5. If only I had a quarter for every voice mail like that one I’ve received. Our print audience is mostly an older demographic. They just love it when we tell them we’re eliminating something else, but that they can find it on our website. Damn, Damn, Damn!

  6. It was Brad’s voicemail. My current colleagues enjoy this one almost as much as we did back in the day.

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