Sunday sampler

The Sunday after a long holiday weekend is always a bad one for good, meaty surprise stories, and this Sunday is no different. But there are a few standouts.

Greensboro — The News & Record takes a longer look at the problems with fights in the city’s downtown. (The City Council imposed a curfew on those younger than 18 in downtown at night.) It doesn’t get into what I think are the real issues — race and class — until the end. Perhaps another story?

Hickory— The city demolishes two pools because of poor attendance and then builds a new one. Some residents complain to HUD that the city refused to provide municipal services to the African-American community when it demolished the pools. And there are some conflict-of-interest issues involved with City Council members. Good juicy story by the Hickory Daily Record.

Raleigh— The N&O reports that as many as 1 million people will move onto subsidized health insurance coverage in N.C. And what could be a looming issue: “Out of more than a dozen insurers that now sell individual policies in the state, only three have applied to offer subsidized policies through the new federally run health insurance exchange. Only one of them, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, the state’s biggest insurance company, operates in all 100 counties.”

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