Sunday sampler

In a hurry this morning, but here are the best I’ve seen.

Asheville — Newspaper readership has changed and so should newspaper design. The Citizen-Times pounds its fist on the community’s desk this morning with a front-page editorial demanding answers to a controversy involving the police chief and his son. It is powerful journalism and the front-page editorial should be used more often by newspapers to get the attention of their distracted communities.

High Point — One in 4 children under 5 years old live in poverty in N.C. The Enterprise examines the causes and what can be done. Think about that as you cook out and watch fireworks this week.

Monroe — So, a small-town mayor drinks too much. Happens to the best of us, I guess. But using the town’s credit card to buy wine? Uh-oh. The Enquirer-Journal uses a public records request and telling interviews to try to get to the bottom of the behavior by the mayor of Waxhaw. Here’s your best quote by an employee of a bar: “Daune did not look very drunk to me, because when I have seen her drunk she slurs her words, her hair is usually in her face and her clothes start to fall off,” Keech stated.

Raleigh — Thom Tillis is one of the most powerful politicians in the state and he wants to be N.C.’s next U.S. senator. So, watching how he raises money and who it comes from is important. And it is especially important when an informed reader can draw direct lines between donors and legislation. The N&O (and the AP) helps readers draw those lines.

Wilmington — Be careful in Wilmington. The Star-News reports on a 48% increase in calls involving gunfire.