Sunday sampler

Not much today, I fear. Oh, to be sure there are many good local stories, but they don’t rise to the enterprise, the surprise, the compelling that I look for. (Yes, it’s a personal view.) But there are a few.

Both Charlotte and Burlington write about the spreading of sewage sludge in their communities. Both cite the same UNC study published last week that suggested that using sludge to fertilize farm fields can cause illnesses in people who live up to a mile away.

Charlotte, which exports its sludge, reports about residents’ concerns in Richburg, S.C. Charlotte-Mecklenburg, saying the sludge isn’t to blame, has no plans to stop it. Burlington’s story warns about the spread near area schools, and that the school board isn’t going to stop it.

Shelby — The Star reports on the third death in Cleveland County in the past few months with links to Creutzfeldt-Jakob’s disease. There are only a handful each year in the entire state. The story is a feature piece about one of the victims of the disease rather than a deep look into what could be causing the “outbreak.” That, I hope, is coming.