Sunday sampler

I’m surprised to see the big snow in New England as the front page centerpiece in both the Charlotte Observer and the News & Observer. Fortunately, those two papers have other compelling local stories. So do several other state papers.

My favorite topic these days, because I see the need for North Carolinians to be aware of what is happening with the shift in political power in Raleigh, is the state government. Charlotte has a piece on how things aren’t going the Queen City’s way, surprising given that the new governor is a former Charlotte mayor. Raleigh writes about the effort to remake state boards and commissions in the Republican image — specifically the Industrial Commission. Winston has the first of a two-part series on the wisdom — or lack of — of the GOP willing to skip an estimated $650 million in federal extended unemployment insurance benefits, making it the only state in the union to do so (and affecting 155,000 North Carolinians).

Keep the spotlight on, journalists.


Greensboro — You know all this talk about how the mental health system is broken and if we fix that, we’ll have taken a huge step in getting the gun violence problem under control? Yeah, well, the News & Record takes a look at the broken mental health system, how it got there — politicians like to cut programs like these — and what it will take to fix it. (Lots of money, which isn’t going to happen. Ask those who oppose gun control and advocate for fixing the mental health system if they’re willing to pay for it and see what answer you get.)

Raleigh— I’m always stunned at the tone deafness of boards of directors of charities when it comes to leadership salaries. In N&O writes about the $430,000 a year salary and benefits the president of the Goodwill Community Foundation gets. Oh, and his wife, the executive VP, gets  $365,000. Goodwill’s explanation: “It is our position that their compensation reflects the impact that their leadership has had on the people of the Research Triangle, eastern North Carolina, North Carolina, the U.S. and the global community.” May just need to hold back my donations until I see how this plays out.



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  1. A Pulitzer prize winning story or series awaits the reporter delving into the the money business called Goodwill across the nation.

    • What people fail to realize is that Goodwill’s operate as autonomous organizations. What is true for one is not at all true for another. My suggestion would be to do your research before making judgment. Too bad many of us don’t take the time to understand the complexity of a situation and its impact on those that need Goodwill’s assistance. For over 100 years Goodwill has been a leader in helping people with barriers get back to work – that has never changed, only evolved to the point that every 34 seconds of each business day, someone gets a job because of Goodwill Industries. Compensation will always be a hot topic – try to understand, these individuals are running a highly complex socio-economic organization that requires great skill and that deserves a sharp, and well-rounded leader who had the vision and capacity to take this business into the future to secure the independence and opportunities for millions of individuals that come through its programs!

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