Sunday sampler

Big story of the day for Raleigh’s and Charlotte’s front pages was the inauguration of Gov. McCrory. Fortunately, other papers didn’t see it that way.

Asheville — “You make me want to puke,” Bothwell wrote to his fellow Asheville City Council member following a vote on a controversial downtown hotel proposal. “I am so totally embarrassed that I endorsed you. What a total loser on matters that concern Asheville citizens,” Bothwell wrote. “Are your ears totally plugged with developmental money?” That is how City Council member Cecil Bothwell addressed a fellow council member. The Citizen-Times takes a look at the no-holds-barred communications style of one of the city’s elected officials.

Fayetteville — “On average, soldiers on Fort Bragg slaughter 300 goats a month for medical trauma training meant to help save lives in battle. Animal activists say the animals are shot, stabbed, bludgeoned and blown up to simulate the types of injuries soldiers face.” Yikes! The Observer details the practice, which apparently is about to end.

Winston-Salem— We North Carolinians don’t much care for stopping for stopped school buses. “One student has been killed and three injured at school-bus stops over the last few weeks in Forsyth, Wilkes and Guilford counties – the human cost of an alarming statistic documented by a state study: Last year, 3,200 vehicles illegally passed stopped buses statewide. That’s on just one day – March 21, 2012.” The Journal explains and points out that Forsyth could have applied for money to install cameras to catch scofflaws…but didn’t.

I would include a News & Record story following up on a Monday murder-suicide, but can’t get onto the website. Here is the front page.