Sunday sampler

It’s a good day for good journalism from the front pages of the state’s papers. These could be Exhibits 1 through 6.

Charlotte — The Observer has two good ones. First, it writes about the controversary surrounding a new cyberbullying law making it a crime “for students to commit various online offenses against school employees, such as creating false profiles, signing them up for Internet porn or posting personal images and private information.” It seems bound for a court case involving free speech.

Second, the fired DSS Director in Charlotte said she was discouraged from attempting to reform the child welfare division. “Internal reports and emails show top Mecklenburg County administrators were warned as far back as 2005 that dysfunction in the child welfare division was endangering children.” (And the county officials who would be expected to respond to such charges? They declined…always a bad move.)

Raleigh — I was a Boy Scout in the 60’s. I was not molested, but was interested two months ago when the records came out about molestation in the Scouts. The N&O tells the sad and compelling story of one boy who was molested in Raleigh by his scoutmaster, a man who incidentally later went to prison for molesting schoolchildren in Guilford County.

Shelby— The Star digs into a state investigation of the misuse of money by the Cleveland County school system. Using 99,000 pages of documents, the paper sorts through credit card purchases — the good and the not so good — by school system employees from 2007 to 2012. Great reading and an interesting public service to Cleveland County readers.

Wilmington — The Star-News analyzed crime stats locally and nationally and discovered that Wilmington police aren’t doing too badly. “Wilmington’s clearance rate eclipses that of many of its counterparts, meaning robbers, killers, burglars and other criminals who break the law here are more likely to be caught than in most other cities around the country.

Fayetteville — The Observer has what appears to be an interesting story on robberies targeting migrant workers, but the link sends me to a 404 page. You try.

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