Your chances of avoiding stories on the lottery are 1-in-175 million

Wednesday update: Jim Romenesko asks me a question.

Tuesday update: The Today Show comes through!

Assignment editors are sighing in relief. Just after the election — after a brief look at the fiscal cliff with all of its snore-inducing details — we got a series of reports on Thanksgiving, black Friday, local Saturday and cyber Monday (I refuse to capitalize them as if they are ….something). But what’s the next big cliched story we can cover?

A record $425 million jackpot in the Powerball lottery! Because we have more reporters than we know what to do with, let’s see now, we can assign reporters to:

* Interview people lining up to buy tickets.

* Review exactly what 1-in-175 million chance of winning actually means. (You don’t have a prayer.)

* Show graphically now many times 425,000,000 one dollar bills would stretch around the world.

* Remind readers/viewers of past winners and the good/bad luck they’ve had since winning.

* Interview that guy who gives what he calls tips on how to win the lottery.

Stop me if you’ve heard/read these stories before. Maybe even a few days ago when it was at $350 million or something.

Oh, wait. It has already started. We can only hope that someone wins it on Wednesday or we’ll get a new flock of stories. (I hope it’s me.)

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