How can there be undecided voters?

Mainstream media takes a lot of grief for a lot of reasons, some justified. But the idea that you can’t get the information you need to decide which presidential candidate to vote for is bogus. From two newspapers — the New York Times and the Washington Post — just today:

How are we going to pay for the additional nuclear sub Gov. Romney wants to build?

What kind of manager is Gov. Romney?

Why the interpretaton of the economic numbers by both parties is wrong.

What about the killing of bin Laden?

Both candidates promote job retraining, but does it work?

Interested in social issues? How about funding for Planned Parenthood?

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I think it is true that you get the news media you deserve, and more and more these days, that means the news media that you pay for. As long as you’re not looking for information that merely confirms what you already believe, plenty of it is out there.