The future of TV and a second Gutenberg moment

My friend Terry Heaton explains on his blog why he is leaving his company, which helps media companies prepare for the future. And when I say media companies, in Terry’s case, I mean local TV stations. Terry is disappointed and disillusioned about their future.

His description of the train barreling down on an aware-but-complacent TV news industry reminds me of how the good times of the ’90s so quickly turned on the newspaper business. Things are looking up in local TV thanks to the contentious presidential race and the unchecked flow of billions into campaign coffers. The candidates have to spend it on something, right? Today, yes. Tomorrow? Not so much.

Terry writes of the Second Gutenberg moment

“The power of knowledge at the fingertips of the masses and the power to disseminate knowledge to the masses have only begun to touch us. Those who stand as ‘special’ in the old world — and I consider those with broadcast towers to be among them — simply aren’t as special anymore (or perhaps it’s better to say they ‘won’t be special’). It is within this theme that I find it difficult to support practices that serve only to advance this ‘specialness.’”

Terry writes of three big changes facing not just television, but all of us. It’s worth reading it all.


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