Sunday sampler

For the first time in weeks, the state’s Sunday front pages didn’t have a sameness about them. The consequence? More than usual enterprising and surprising stories.

Asheville — A year ago, the police chief retired after problems appeared in the handling of criminal evidence at the department. Apparently, problems were worse than the appeared. The Citizen-Times describes the problems and remedies as best it can, given that no one wants to be helpful. Thank you, state public records laws.

Burlington — The Times-News revisits a 33-year-old murder case that is still unsolved. What makes this even more compelling is the detail in the telling. Sad story.

Raleigh — The N&O writes about Duke University researchers that are studying blast-induced traumatic brain injuries. As with the Times-News, the writer makes the topic come alive. The beginning, about the execution of deserters in WWI, draws you right in.

Wilmington — In the comments, I’m told to check the Star-News story about yellow fever 150 years ago. Through disease and departure, it decimated the city. One helluva story well-told.

What’d I miss?

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