Romney in High Point, for the win

There’s this saying — which I know isn’t entirely true or false — that morning television news has to await for the morning paper to get its news.

This morning at 6 a.m. I went out to pick up the paper. In the house, I had the Good Morning Show on. I stood and listened to the program’s two-minute news update in which the announcer said that Mitt Romney was going to visit North Carolina on his bus tour this weekend. But, she added, the specific cities on his itinerary hadn’t been announced yet.

I unrolled the paper and the lead story on the front page was the announcement that Romney will be in High Point on Sunday.

As a friend noted on Twitter, the TV news folks’ paper must have gotten wet in the morning rain.

Of course, the information about the cities Romney will visit wasn’t part of an announcement from the campaign. It came from old-school reporting so good on the newspaper.

By the way, the information about Romney’s visit was posted on the paper’s website at 5:30 p.m. Monday. It apparently didn’t go up on any of the television websites until this morning. News Channel 14 still says there are no details on where the buses will visit, and I can’t find it at all on WFMY’s website. That should put to rest the fear in some newspaper newsrooms that TV competitors scour the paper’s website for new news “to steal.”