Fact check your ass

The Republicans have inadvertently done Americans and the news media a great service by staying on their cynical script of half-truths and deceptions. Beginning with the Romney pollster who famously said that the campaign wasn’t going to be dictated by fact-checkers, the party leadership has practically dared reporters to “fact check your ass,” to use the lexicon of the web.

With speaker after speaker at the Republican National Convention, big media did just that, and, frankly, the speakers didn’t fare all that well on the truth-o-meter, even from FoxNews.

Obviously, after years of urging from people like Jay Rosen and Dan Conover, there’s a good chance that political campaigning has reached a tipping point. We journalists talk all the time about how we are truth tellers, how we “speak truth to power,” and we “afflict the comfortable” and “if your mama says she loves you, check it out.” Now it’s time to walk the talk. CJR has some suggestions on how to keep the fact checking going.

If figuring out how to do this sort of truth-telling on a consistent basis locally hasn’t soared to the top of the to-do list for editors, news directors and journalists, we are doomed.

3 thoughts on “Fact check your ass

  1. I do hope that journalists continue to take up the challenge you suggest. I think you are correct in your belief that without the truth-tellers we are doomed!

  2. John, the FOX News article you site is from a liberal contributor who writes for FOX as part of their Fair and Balanced effort. Some of the so-called Fact-Checking Sites also have had their cover’s blown as they only seem to fact-check Republicans and rarely fact-check Democrats.

    Sadly, we now must have Fact-Checking of the Fact Checkers.

  3. Thanks, Don. I hope they take on the Dems, too, next week. We should have for every politician and his or her remarks.

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