Sunday sampler

In case you didn’t know that Michael Phelps lost his first race Saturday — an event that happened early in the day — front pages of Sunday newspapers told you. Fortunately, there were some interesting surprises on the state’s front pages, too.

Greensboro — The News & Record continues its strong reporting on the Janet Danahey clemency request. Danahey set a fire that killed four people 10 years ago. Not surprisingly, the details of the crime described in the request of the governor filed by her attorneys differ from those told by criminal and arson investigators.

Raleigh — The News & Observer continues its strong reporting on the UNC academic scandal. I suppose it says what everyone already knows: there are students and then there are athletes who are students.

Asheville —┬áThe Citizen-Times revisits the death of a fire department captain a year later. He died fighting an arson fire, and his killer — arson deaths are considered homicides — hasn’t been caught. His story — and that of his widow — is compelling.