Sunday sampler

As would be expected, many of the state’s papers displayed stories about the Aurora shootings on their front pages. But many also featured interesting stories about their communities and the state that only newspapers can do well.

Burlington — Law enforcement officers find “$842,710 in cash, 9390 rounds of assorted ammunition, one 100-round AR15/M16 magazine, six 9 mm magazines, six Colt .38 super magazines, seven AR15/M16 magazines, one pad lock, one Food Saver sealer, one digital scale, one expandable file folder with paper contents and one Coleman cooler” in a storage unit. Wanna claim it?

Raleigh — The News & Observer has a write-through on the scandal involving how a District Court dealt with DWI cases. “’This has been going on for years,’ said Debbie Jones, an assistant secretary with the state Division of Motor Vehicles. ‘It’s statewide.’” Sounds to me like an invitation to other newspapers to check the courts in their areas.

Raleigh — The N&O isn’t finished, either. The paper gives a detailed account of the political manueverings around where the state’s economy is going and whose fault it is that it’s not going better. It also answers my question about how the state can be rated as business friendly by national surveys at the same time that Republicans and business leaders complain about business-stifling regulations.

Greensboro — The News & Record examines a 10-year-old arson/murder case in which four people died and one is serving a life sentence in prison. It’s a powerful story of crime, punishment, retribution and redemption.

Fayetteville — The Observer tells the story of Jubilee House, a shelter for homeless women veterans that was opened with much acclaim from “Extreme Makeover” and Michelle Obama. Not smooth sailing, though. It failed a Veterans Affairs inspection and has struggled ever since.

Did I miss any others? (I’m sure I did.) Leave suggestions in the comments.