Sunday sampler

I was surprised this morning by the number of newspapers that published previews of Tuesday’s runoff election on their front pages. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But it’s predictable and I’m looking for unpredictable and interesting here.

Fayetteville — The Observer consistently nails it on Sunday, and this week is no exception. The paper digs deeper into a murder-suicide involving a lieutenant colonel and an enlisted man facing court martial. It’s a sad case and writers Greg Barnes and Drew Brooks do one helluva job telling it.

Greenville — Continuing on today’s mini-theme of death, the Daily Reflector has a strong second-day package on a family murder-attempted suicide. I include it here because writer pulled together two stories on the incident on deadline, both helpful in understanding what happened.

Charlotte — The Observer has been running a series of stories by Elizabeth Leland in its runup to the Democratic National Convention called Tales of the South. In them she examines some of our quirks, fancies and traditions. They’re all delightful, as they are being told by one of the best storytellers in the newspaper business.

Raleigh — I just like the lead photo on the front page of the News & Observer.

As always, if you see something on a front page that deserves attention, shoot me a message or add it in the comments.


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      • The kid on the beach in the Raleigh paper. That is the picture featured on that page. The story is about being able to drive on the outer banks.

        What’s wrong with Collards? I love them…….

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