Sunday Sampler

I’m pleased that today’s front pages aren’t filled with “beat the heat” photos and stories! (I and thousands of other readers knew it was hot yesterday.) And that absence provided room for these good stories from some of the state’s front pages.

Winston-Salem — The Journal revisits resegregation and its effects in Forsyth County schools, reminding me how sad it is that we’re still having this discussion 40 years later. It’s a good study for every paper to do. (The paper determined that Winston is the state’s most segregated major population center.)

Shelby — I can’t get the Star’s site to load, but the paper’s front page has an interesting piece on teen drug use in Cleveland County. It’s well above the national average. Seems as if people, including kids, think marijuana use is no big deal.

Greensboro — The N&R has a tragic tale of the death of an Eden 5-month-old who was apparently hit in the head hard enough to kill him. Now the investigation is on to figure out who did it.

Raleigh — The N&O updates us on Scotty McCreery. Yes, the American Idol. It’s a good, fun piece about Garner’s latest star and how he’s making it. Singing star, yes. But he’s N.C. State freshman in two months.

Now, go outside and see how hot it is so you’ll know it first hand.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Sampler

  1. Other stories I liked in the N&O: the full-page alt story form on 16A wrapping up the General Assembly’s session; follow on the flight attendant who went wacko.

  2. Winston-Salem did have a story about the weather on A1, though.

    When something happens for the first time in recorded history — back-to-back days of a record-high of 105 degrees at RDU airport — it does merit at least a teaser or a no-cut brief A1 story with a refer to a related story elsewhere.

    But that fact didn’t even get mentioned in the N&O’s story in the Triangle & Co. section. Check out the timeline of WRAL meteorologist Nate Johnson at a little before 4 p.m. yesterday:!/nsj

  3. Great service, this. So glad John’s doing it. Andy, did Raleigh have a Duke Energy history piece on the eve of the Progress merger? Big package from Bruce Henderson. (This is just a curiosity question, not work-related.)

  4. I don’t see that in my edition. And for the record, I’d do a blurb or promo for the weather story. I’d also write the story as a Q&A: why is it so hot, how long will it last, what are some fun indoor activities in the area, etc.

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