Learn about politics

Given that today is an election day — one in which few will vote, but still — this is a good time to remind journalists of some opportunities to learn more about how to cover the political system.

First, the N.C. Press Association is holding seminars on Aug. 2 in Durham and Aug. 9 in Wilmington. For journalists, they will focus on “what records are available from boards of election; liability when quoting candidates and campaign materials; (and) Election Day access issues.” I suspect they are open to member newspapers, but if you’re interested, it’s worth checking.

Second, the Charlotte Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists is sponsoring a seminar for journalists going to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. Some big names are going to be there talking about how to cover the convention. It’s scheduled for 9 a.m.-4 p.m. July 28 at UNC Charlotte Center City. Registration, which includes lunch, is $15 for dues-paying SPJ members and students, $25 for others. Details here.