Sunday sampler

High school graduations dominate the front pages of Sunday papers today. But some of the papers had stories of wonderful surprise.

Fayetteville — The Observer has its reporter and photographer in Afghanistan, writing about the ongoing — and barely noticed by many Americans — war.

Asheville — It’s always interesting to me how cities can want to ban a business and have trouble doing it, but that is what’s happening with the video sweepstakes industry.

Raleigh — Can’t read well by the third grade? Repeat the grade. That’s the idea behind a bill making its way through the legislature.

Greensboro — Victory Junction was a great idea and is a great program. But it has troubles, as outlined by Taft Wireback of the News & Record.

One thought on “Sunday sampler

  1. (am trying some HTML) I read the N&O article and was stunned by this:

    “The North Carolina proposal does not include money for training, coaches or a reading research center Bush promoted. “It looks like advocates of the Florida approach are taking everything but the relevant pieces,” said Sherman Dorn, a professor at the University of South Florida who has watched the Florida literacy program grow and other states attempt to reproduce it. “All I can say is, ‘good luck.’ ”

    At least Dorn gets it. Among my papers is a degree called “M.A. in Reading” and it’s old, for sure, but even we knew then that 3rd grade competency was the biggest predictor of future success for any student. Age 8 was a magical number and that coincided with 3rd grade. North Carolina is all talk, looking good and follow the leader (the cheap way).

    Ask any teacher. Even those without union representation, like we have in NC.

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