Congratulations to the N.C. Press Association contest winners

A lot of people like to criticize the quality of journalism in this state. I should know; I heard a lot of it in my years in the newspaper business. Some of it was justified, most of it wasn’t.

If you want to sample North Carolina journalism at its finest, there is a wonderful index at This is a list of the winners of the annual journalism contest sponsored by the N.C. Press Association. The awards were presented in Chapel Hill last night.

Despite stereotypes to the contrary, most journalists don’t write stories or shoot photos¬†to win awards. They know that their duty is to get the best report for their readers. By far, they spend most of their time working on journalism that won’t win anything, except perhaps the approval of their readers. In fact, if you look at the front pages of the newspapers that won the prestigious General Excellence award, you will note that most pages feature stories about events happening in their communities.

That is what it’s all about.

I congratulate all of the winners