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My first assignment to my communications class at Elon is to write a bio of me.

I want to see how resourceful they are and if they can write. I didn’t give them much to go on. Gave them my name and alluded to being the editor of the News & Record. That’s pretty much it. It shouldn’t be too hard — after all, I’m Googleable. (I also told them that if they simply rewrite the bio on this page and on others, they’ll be lucky to get a C.)

In case any of them stumble on this site, let’s help them out. Leave some information about me in the comments. (Yes, I know I’m asking for it. I told them the bios have to be accurate — there is some inaccurate stuff floating around out there — so don’t make it too hard on them.)




7 thoughts on “Write my bio

  1. John Robinson shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. Robinson is also so mean he once killed a gopher with a stick just because it was snoring.

  2. My hints: The N+R isn’t the only North Carolina newspaper for which JR has worked. Newspapering wasn’t his first career choice. And if you’ve not checked out his Facebook profile and posts from the past few months, do so now. Oh, and check the New York Times archives circa 2002-2006.

  3. JR makes a mean blueberry pie. And he used to have a mustache. Extra points for sharing photos of his past facial hair with the rest of the class.

  4. Most people check their closet for the boogeyman. The boogeyman checks his closet for Mr. John L. Robinson.

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