Sunday sampler

Should have included the other front pages on the previous post at Whitney Houston. The point is that I like to be surprised and delighted with the content on my Sunday front page. Tell me something I don’t know. There are several good ones this morning:

From the Wilmington Star News: A nice little story about the N.C. State Ports Authority Board of Directors dining at Fleming’s in Charlotte — $1,900. (The cost to the Ports Authority was only $1,500 because the $400 worth of alcohol was covered by the attendees. I’m sure there were designated drivers.)

From the Charlotte Observer: When a political party holds its national convention in your city, things don’t go quite as planned. The Observer takes a look at what has happened in other convention cities in the past and gauges how safe Charlotte will be.

From the News & Record: Two stories, actually. One about the number of state legislators with licenses to carry concealed weapons. It surprised me to think that state legislators fear for their lives more than you and me, but they are many many times more likely to have guns on their person than you and me. The second is a package on the same-sex marriage ban amendment coming up. Revealing and I hope everyone who votes reads it.

From the News & Observer: I don’t drive on I-95 in North Carolina much but making it a toll road interests me. The N&O describes the whys behind it and the hows in collecting money from users.

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