Godspeed, Mark Binker

Mark Binker, one of the best political reporters in the state, is leaving the News & Record after 12 years to join WRAL in Raleigh. He joins Laura Leslie to give WRAL one helluva capital reporting team. Mark will be a multimedia investigative reporter there.

Fiona Morgan and I were speaking to Andy Bechtel ‘s Advanced Editing class at UNC a few weeks ago, and we started talking about state government coverage. “Mark Binker is a rock star,” Andy or Fiona said. Maybe it was both of them.

Mark is a truth-telling rabble rouser. He doesn’t care if he’s talking to the governor, the senator or his editor. He’s going to ask the questions he wants to ask and point out the inconsistencies and contradictions until he gets what he wants. I know; I’ve been on the receiving end. He’s exactly the kind of journalist every reporter should aspire to be.


4 thoughts on “Godspeed, Mark Binker

  1. Like all change, it’s painful. I’ll miss Mark’s writing, of course, and his behind-the-scenes hand in things digital. He’d call when he needed a tech person to talk to and I’d either “get interviewed” or refer him to someone more specialized. He is off to the big city in a bigger way and I hope the N+R can replace his read-worthy stuff. I feel cheated and I feel very glad for Mark. Godspeed is the right word, JR.

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