Whither War Memorial Auditorium

Tickets to a show at the Durham Performing Arts Center: $105.

Dinner in Durham before the show: Probably about $40.

Gas to drive to and from the center: Probably about $15.

If only we had such an auditorium in Greensboro that could house such events. I wouldn’t have to help another city’s tax base.

3 thoughts on “Whither War Memorial Auditorium

  1. We go to the DPAC all the time. We eat in the ATC or some recommendation from our favorite daughter, who lives in Durham, and we usually buy her a ticket as well. At last count, we’ve been there 8 times in the past 2 years. We went once with the Guilford College Bryan Lecture Series (Anthony Bourdain) and the house was FULL. We park, eat, go to the show, buy something to nosh on (you can EAT in the theater!) and probably spend a bunch but saw Bill Cosby and other well-known names on a WEEKEND instead of the usual Tuesday night Greensboro performances because we don’t get preferential dates here except for big-time concerts (which we rarely attend). There are lovely and tons of restrooms, easy access for wheelchair users, and the lobby is just impressive. Parking abounds, both on-street and in a (gasp!) almost connected parking garage with the best in and out traffic control we’ve seen.

    I just wish there were a train that we could take from GSO to Durham, because the train stops right by the DPAC and it’s just more fun to take the train (which just isn’t for passengers down here, I suppose).

    It really sucks that there’s no place in GSO that can compete with the DPAC (/snark) and that we don’t have the vision to build it. (Wait. We DO have the vision. Let’s see if we have the leadership.)

  2. There is a reason for Broadway in NYC; they have a population and visitor traffic that will attend the theaters there. Greensboro’s NOT Raleigh, Durham or Charlotte. We have great places to see the shows that can be profitable by stopping here. We have what we can afford.

    We can’t just put sand down and call ourselves a beach. Let’s excel at what we do and quit dreaming of being another city.

    • But we did have such a facility and it had the crowds. The voters just didn’t want to pay the upkeep. I understand that. Disagree but understand.

      This isn’t a case of dreaming to be another city. It is the case of dreaming to be the city we can be…heck, the city we were a decade or two ago.

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