Thom Tillis: “Cancel my subscription!”

The N&R’s Mark Binker deconstructs House Speaker Thom Tillis’ performance in the early morning session shenanigans last week. He quotes a Tillis Facebook post:

Tomorrow will be the last day I receive the Charlotte Observer at home after nearly 14 years. I decided if the Charlotte Observer is going to reduce itself to being a liberal blog, I’ll just read it online like I do ProgressNC, BlueNC, and the like. They are all kind of like road kill–you try not to look at, you do anyway, then you regret it.

I’m not going to get all out-of-joint about it; I don’t even know what it means. I guess he is lodging a protest against the Observer by not giving them his $10 or so a month because he doesn’t like what they say. Still, he is going to read that road-kill journalism him online through a Google alert system.

How a leading member of the House thinks he can effectively represent the concerns of his constituents when he doesn’t read the paper serving those constituents is beyond me. No Google alert will cover everything the Observer writes about. But I’m sure that Rep. Tillis has that covered. After all, he learned somewhere that drug testing for people on public assistance was a good idea.

Come to think of it, the Observer is a taxpayer, my guess is that it is a sizable taxpayer of taxes in Rep. Tillis’ district. I’m surprised he would lash out so at a job creator in his district. Shows what I know about hardball politics.

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