RIP Bill Snider

I didn’t know Bill Snider well, even though I spoke with him dozens of times over the years. He had left the paper — he had been editor and editorial page editor of the Daily News — before I came, but he maintained a relationship with many of us there because he loved the paper, he loved journalism and he loved Greensboro.

Our conversations centered around journalism and politics and Greensboro, and rarely entered personal territory, although my sense was that with Bill, what you saw is what you got. He was a natural, a Southerner with all the courtesy, the grace, the wisdom and the language that term imparts.

He has many legacies. His insightful books. His powerful editorials over the years. His great hires — Jonathan Yardley, Rosemary Roberts, Tony Snow, Ed Yoder, John Alexander — among them. Me, I will remember his kindness and counsel to a young editorial page editor and, later, editor. I’ll miss that.

Allen Johnson writes about him, too.

One thought on “RIP Bill Snider

  1. John,

    Great posting. I hope the N&R will find that perfect writer to write the consummate article on Bill. Its one of many times I wish I was a writer. I have known Bill since 1964, but as a friend of his daughter, Mary Alice, in the beginning. Once I got out of college and began working for Rich Preyer and then at the White House, he immediately began treating me as an adult. That is a tribute to him, that he could make that transformation instantaneously.

    As I posted, until recently every time we were together was filled with content. I miss him.


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