That “darned” paper

Every day, newspapers do things readers don’t like. Every newspaper worth a damn upsets its readers. That’s one thing that makes the news media unique — part of its mission is to make people mad.

Of course, that only counts when you’ve done something courageous, publishing a story, photo or opinion that had to be published for an informed citizenry. Angering readers when you’ve done something for other reasons — financial or political — that’s a different story.

When I was at the News & Record, we narrowed the size of the paper to save on newsprint costs. We didn’t change the type size because we wanted the paper to remain legible. Most readers liked it because it made the paper easier to handle at the breakfast counter. But one reader of the sports section didn’t seem to care for it. It was taken from a voicemail, and the beginning is a bit hard to hear, but it gets clearer. (Warning: it contains some profanity which is tame for newsrooms but may not be where you are. The caller does have a nice Southern accent, though.)

A reader’s phone message. NSFW


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  1. That voice mail was legendary when I joined the N&R back in 2003. A compilation of “The Best of Angry Newspaper Reader Calls” would be amazing.

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