New York Times: It’s not personal

My thoughts are with my friends at the New York Times Regional Group, particularly the Wilmington Star-News, where I have several friends.

I know that it’s not personal, it’s business, but this answer from the FAQ the Times and its buyer, Halifax Media Holdings, is surprisingly cold. Many questions were not answered. The most important one — who has a job — was succinct:

Halifax has decided who it will hire. Again, you will be notified within the next 48 hours whether the buyer will be offering you employment.  The New York Times Company has not been involved in that decision.

I suspect a lot of employees are wondering how Halifax made those decisions since one of the FAQs is “When will we meet the buyer?”

Halifax bought the Daytona Beach paper a few years ago and, by some reports, did not improve it. Wilmington is a vibrant, growing city. It has a good newspaper. It needs a good newspaper.