Journalism in the Classical Age

From “Socrates” by Paul Johnson:

But we always have to bear in mind the low regard classical and, still more, postclassical writers had for truth, their habitual inaccuracy even when trying to be honest, their lack of impartiality, historicity, or plausibility or even, one feels, common sense, and the slovenly way books were written, copied, and preserved.

I dunno. Something about that sentence intrigues me.



One thought on “Journalism in the Classical Age

  1. My dissertation advisor, Dr. Fritz Mengert, former marine and existential phenomenologist, said, “When the library in ancient Egypt burned, I believe divinely inspired writings were lost forever.” So treating books “slovenly” is age-old as well as comparable to movie studios losing original reels due to mishandling and poor storage. I guess it’s why I buy so many hard drives.

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