A tipping point for newspapers

Bon Jovi alive!

Jon Bon Jovi is alive, despite Internet rumors to the contrary on Monday. Thank goodness. He posted a photo of himself on the band’s Facebook page holding a handwritten sign that read “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey.”

Great. But isn’t he a subscriber to the Star-Ledger? He couldn’t find a copy of the New York Times on Monday?


2 thoughts on “A tipping point for newspapers

  1. Oh come on, John, you’re Tweet on this was so misleading, LOL! I thought you were going to have Bon Jovi actually talking bad about newspapers, but instead we get this image of him from a story that doesn’t actually mention papers. Or are you trying to say that the Star-Leger/NYT are conspicuous by their absence in this scenario of Bon Jovi disproving his death? If so, I think that ship sailed a LONG time ago. But, in the piece to which you linked, the writer brings up (again) the point about Twitter being great for breaking news, not so great for confirmation. I loved his discussion about people on Twitter getting Kim Jong-Il confused with rapper Lil’ Kim and thinking the musician, not the dictator, was dead, LOL!

    • Nah. Just making a point that he wasn’t holding the traditional method for proving you’re alive — the day’s newspaper.

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